About Maue Design

Jonathan Maue and wife Tara Hackett

Maue Design is the umbrella for marketing activities led by Jonathan Maue from Northville, MI.  Here’s a little bit about Jonathan Maue:

Jonathan Maue wears many hats. Professionally he is a Creative Director, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, video maker, writer, computer fixer and above all, a marketer. The internet has been his primary toolbox for building unique, refined websites and digital products.  Maue is an active collaborator in all the projects he works on, often supporting great ideas that start from one of the many brands and people he is fortune to work with.

Maue graduated high school from Traverse City Senior High (back when there was just one), and graduated with a Bachelor in Arts in Advertising from Michigan State University.

At home Maue is a proud husband, father, son, artist, Lego builder, community member, retired soccer coach, retired T-Ball coach, former Cub Scouts Den Leader and rec basketball coach.

In 2014 after 12 years “Up North” Maue returned to where his professional career began, Metro Detroit.  Now employed full time, Maue continues to provide service to a select client base, both Up North and Metro Detroit.

Maue is past member of the Benzie County Chamber of Commerce’s Government relations community as well as serving on the Board of the Benzie County Water Council.

Maue is a past member of the Michigan Land Use Institute’s Benzie Advisory Board and a participant in the initial Millage campaign that spawned the Benzie Bus.  Maue also served as the Campaign Coordinator for the 3 to 1 May 2011 renewal of the Benzie Bus, the fastest growing bus system in Michigan. As a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Maue served as it’s Vice President for 2010-11.  Maue was active in the Grand Vision within Benzie County, highlighted by the 30 minute video he produced.

Maue has been employed by EntregaProMotion Technology Group [PTG], Cherry Republic, FieldCrafts/BookWear, GlobalHue, Lovio George Inc., The Creative Group, Doner Advertising, MSU College Of Education, The State News, The McNenly Group, and Arnold Worldwide.  Maue also successfully helped many business during his 2009-2014 five year (almost to the day) stint as Maue Design in Beulah, MI.

When not consuming media, producing ideas and having fun, Maue can be found on a pontoon boat, in front of a fire, in the woods… or most likely, enjoying time with his wife and kids.